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A skin imprint to assess follicle density.

A revolutionary way to measure fleece quality.

Devised and developed by award-winning alpaca breeder Caroline Barugh,

Skin Imprint® is a game changing test for density, combining non-invasive sample gathering, pin-point accuracy and second-to-none analysis.

High welfare

Unlike other testing methods, Skin Imprint® doesn't require any invasive proceedures to gather samples for testing. It's a simple print of the skin, making it a humane option.

In depth analysis

The Skin Imprint® testing method provides a comprehensive report, demonstrating quality across a range of markers, including density, clarity and uniformity.


Our proprietary market-leading testing method is revolutionary, changing the way we measure quality.

Ideal for elite breeders

For professional animal breeders, Skin Imprint® offers assurance and accuracy when it comes to proving the quality of your herd's fleece.

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What makes Skin Imprint® different?

Non-invasive sample collection

Easy to collect sample kit

UK based laboratory testing service

About Skin Imprint®

Skin Imprint® was created by award-winning alpaca breeder and farm owner Caroline Barugh.

Having spent 10 years in the industry, Caroline wanted to explore a more humane way to determine the quality of the fleece.

An advocate and practitioner of high-welfare farming and breeding, she wanted to find a replacement for skin biopsy which could assess density, count the primary/secondary ratio and analyse the micron of primaries compared to secondaries.

Skin Imprint® was the solution. A revolutionary sample collection method, available as a kit breeders can apply themselves, Skin Imprint® is humane, requires no veterinary assistance and samples are analyised in an accredited UK-based laboratory.

Going forward, Caroline at Skin Imprint® has joined forces with Kim Murray from Capital Alpacas. Both packed with enthusism and knowledge. The future is bright.

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